Friends of the Litten Reserve    

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The Friends of the Litten Reserve group

We are a group of Ealing residents (the group is not restricted to living in the borough)  who are interested in the environment and our local area.  The group started in the 1980's when the area now known as the Litten reserve was designated for building development and was in danger of being lost forever.  To ensure it was left as an area of woodland, working with the council rangers, the group campaigned so it was saved  so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.


The group meets at the reserve and with the Rangers plans the conservation work to be carried out to ensure the woodland area is maintain in good health for the flora and fauna to flourish. This means a balance of physical work and raising money to pay for some of the equipment and material required


We keep the annual subscriptions to a minimum so that no one is excluded. Currently it is £2 per year.


We welcome new members and if you would like to join please contact us using the contacts page.